Tube Clamp Connectors, Conveyor Components, Tube Ends, Rods

This group includes aluminum profiles, pipe connecting elements, tube connectros, clamp connectors, profile connectors, clamp mountings, conveyor clamps, conveyor brackets as well as tubes and rods. You can create tube/clamp connector assemblies that are friction-locked, can be disconnected as frequently as desired and are accordingly very flexible.

Tube Clamps, Connector Clamps, Base Plate Connector Clamps, Tubing

Tube connection components function like industrial Tinker Toys, and can be combined with round or square tubing to build jigs, fixtures, and operating systems. We offer a vast array of these tube clamp fittings in aluminum or stainless steel, in many configurations. Our connector clamps are available in two-way, split and multi-part assembly, flanged, base plate, and T-angle designs. We also offer a special, unique line of mini-clamps in small sizes, typically used to build support structures for mounting sensor, Plexiglas guards, etc.
We offer tubing in round and square configurations, in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Tubing can also be supported by tube supports, joints and connectors. Motion can be incorporated into the construction using swivel clamp bases, connectors, and joints.

Special modifications available:

  • lengths
  • finish/colors/plating/anodizing

Tube clamps, connector clamps and tubing are also referred to as:

tube clamp fittings, railing clamps, square tubing clamps, round tubing clamps, guard frame clamps, cross clamps, tube connectors, and tubing connectors

Conveyor Components to Optimize Conveying Systems

JW Winco offers a wide range of conveyor components to meet your application requirements in metric and imperial sizes.
Our conveyor components allow for creating and customizing conveyors and production lines across many industries including packaging, food industry, beverage production, food production & processing (meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, frozen food, baked goods, fresh and convenience foods).
JW Winco can support you with conveyor clamps, brackets, mounts, bases, frame, and accessories and on request conveyor chains, belts, sprockets, and guide rail.

Conveyor Parts, Conveyor Components, Adjusting Rods, Support Heads, Cross Blocks, Support Bases

Conveyor components are used to construct equipment that moves products or materials from one place to another, such as assembly lines, and packaging and bottling machinery. Our line of conveyor parts includes adjusting rods and the components needed to attach and mount them, such as cross blocks, clamps, and brackets.
Clamping knobs and heads are used to make adjustments to the motion on a conveying system. Roller guides are used to construct the tracks upon which materials glide from place to place. Standing systems are constructed with rods or tubing using support heads, mounting brackets, bases such as bipods and tripods, and tube expander fittings. To accommodate turning elements, we offer a variety of flange and pillow block bearings.

Special modifications available:

  • lengths

Conveyor parts and conveyor accessories are also referred to as:

plastic clamps, support brackets, side brackets, plastic bases, tripod bases, and bi-pod bases, AVE clamps
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