Pneumatic Clamps

Secure, automatic clamping with a pneumatically operated clamp

Pneumatic clamps allow automation of the manual clamping action of standard toggle clamps, opening up new applications. They are actuated by compressed air and can be used to securely clamp parts remotely by the push of a button. If the pressure fails, the pneumatic clamp remains closed.
Pneumatic clamps (Misati patent), which use a knee joint to move a clamping arm beyond a dead point, facilitate absorbing major retention force.

Advantages of pneumatic clamps

Pneumatic clamps offer the following advantages:

Winco’s selection of pneumatic clamps

Winco offers a large selection of pneumatic clamps, power clamps and swing clamps. They differ primarily in terms of their clamping principle, size, ease of operation and holding force.

Buy pneumatic clamps from Winco

Pneumatic clamps from Winco are designed for use in mass production, and a variety of different shapes and quality levels are available according to the specific application. Winco also offers an extensive range of accessories for these standard parts. This allows the pneumatic clamps to be optimally integrated into nearly any installation situation.
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