Fast locking with the cam action indexing plungers

Cam action indexing plungers, stop locks, and spring latches can take the locked positions defined by indexing bores and accurately reproduce them. Spring-loaded cam action indexing plungers or bolts will stay in their locked position until a latch is turned.

How a cam action indexing plunger works

The cam action indexing plunger consists of a pin with handle, a helical spring and a specially designed guide. The guide features a curve on the handle side and has a latching notch on its tip. When turned with thumb and index finger, the handle glides up the curve, automatically pulling the locking pin out of the guide. At the tip, the handle latches into the notch, where it is firmly secured in place. The cam action indexing plunger is particularly easy to unlock: Once pulled out of the groove, the handle glides automatically back along the curve, driven by the spring. This returns the part to its locked position.

Wide selection for many applications

Winco offers a wide selection of stop locks. The spectrum ranges from inexpensive cam action indexing plungers of plastic to especially heavy-duty stop locks with a precision-cast guide. Alongside a wide selection of standard parts in steel and stainless steel, Winco can also produce cam action indexing plungers to customer specifications.
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