Shaft collars for precise adjustments

Shaft collars can fasten, act as an end stop, and secure axles and shafts, among other uses. Shaft collars and clamping rings come in different varieties for different uses in the construction of devices and machines.
Shaft collars have a variety of uses in machine and device construction: They secure shafts and axles, serve as end stops or as fasteners for additional functional elements.

Basic shaft collar DIN 705

Shaft collars GN 705 have a very simple structure with their solid circular body and they comply with DIN 705. The clamping is engaged radially with a grub screw that presses against the surface of the shaft or axle.

Semi-split shaft collars

Unilaterally semi-split shaft collars GN 706.2 are mounted axially on shafts or axles. The clamping creates a non-positive connection with the shaft or the axle along with the entire inside surface of the shaft collar. Extremely high clamping and retaining forces are achieved by reducing the slot height by clamping with the help of a socket cap screw.

Split shaft collar

Split shaft collars GN 707.2 can be set axially as well as radially on the shaft or axle and are then held together by two socket cap screws. Clamping is done just like in case of the semi-split version, by reducing the slot height using socket cap screws.

Shaft collars for special requirements

Winco offers shaft collars of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. In addition to basic, semi-split and split shaft collars of typical designs, Winco also has a number of shaft collars with special functions:
Shaft rings with attachment options support a broader range of applications beyond those of typical shaft collars. For example, they hold side rails for conveyor belts, serve as sensor mounts and enable camera positioning. Winco’s selection includes the right standard part for practically any application.
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