DIN 648 Rod End Bearings Steel, with Threaded Stem


DIN 648 Steel Self-Lubricating Rod End Bearings, with Threaded Stem

Product description


DIN 648 rod end bearings are used in controlling and linking mechanisms in all types of machines. Suitable for high load, low speed applications with hanging angles, required linear, rotational or oscillatory motions.

The bearing socket is made of a special bronze material which makes these rod ends self-lubricating, maintenance-free, and guarantees lowest friction. In addition, these rod end bearings have less increase of clearance after longer operating hours than rod ends with PTFE surface, and therefore a higher life expectancy.



  • Zinc plated, blue passivated finish
  • Temperature resistant up to 300 °F (149 °C)

Bearing socket
Sintered bronze
Oil impregnated, self-lubricating

Internal ring
Hardened and ground


Technical drawing

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DIN 648 Steel Self-Lubricating Rod End Bearings, with Threaded Stem sketch

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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
d1 +0.001
Right  hand  thread

Left hand thread
tilting angle
Static load
0.20M 5M 5L0.750.310.240.300.711.301.6513°67.44 lbf (0.3 kN)
0.24M 6M 6L0.830.350.270.350.791.421.8113°89.92 lbf (0.4 kN)
0.31M 8M 8L0.980.470.350.410.941.652.1314°180 lbf (0.8 kN)
0.39M 10M 10L1.100.550.410.511.101.892.4413°292 lbf (1.3 kN)
0.47M 12M 12L1.260.630.470.611.262.132.7613°382 lbf (1.7 kN)
0.47M 12 x 1.25M 12 x 1.25L1.260.630.470.611.262.132.7613°382 lbf (1.7 kN)
0.55M 14M 14L1.420.750.530.661.422.363.0715°809 lbf (3.6 kN)
0.63M 16M 16L1.460.830.590.761.652.603.4315°1079 lbf (4.8 kN)
0.71M 18 x 1.5M 18 x 1.5L1.610.910.650.861.812.833.7415°1147 lbf (5.1 kN)
0.79M 20 x 1.5M 20 x 1.5L1.770.980.710.961.973.074.0614°1169 lbf (5.2 kN)
0.87M 22 x 1.5M 22 x 1.5L1.891.100.791.022.133.314.3715°1686 lbf (7.5 kN)
0.98M 24 x 2M 24 x 2L2.281.220.871.172.363.704.8815°1911 lbf (8.5 kN)
1.18M 30 x 2M 30 x 2L2.801.460.981.372.764.335.7115°2428 lbf (10.8 kN)

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Thread d2
Thread d2
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