Joint Pieces, Ball Joints, Universal Joints, Bearings, Idler Pulleys

Our mechanical joints section offers components used as motion transference accessories for motors and engines, involving pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. Fork heads (also known as yokes) and joint pieces act as connectors, while ball, axial and universal joints (also known as U-joints) are used to transfer motion in the desired direction smoothly and with minimal friction.
Spherical bearings allow for rotating motion to occur without excessive friction, vibration, noise or wear. Rod end bearings are used to control and link mechanisms with the lowest possible friction. Bearings are used in applications such as computers, VCRs, cars, trains, planes, construction equipment, machine tools, refrigerators and fans.
Related components also offered in this section are dust caps, bearing lock nuts and washers, pulleys, and bore, shoulder and clevis adapters.

Special modifications available:

  • threads
  • bores
  • kitting, packaging and labeling
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