Revolving Handles, Folding Handles, Fixed Handles, Ball Knobs and T-Handles

Revolving and operating handles provide a comfortable grip in applications that require continuous use of the operating element. Whether you have to turn, push or pull to operate the mechanism, the items offered in this section will provide the comfort and usability that your application requires.
Our revolving and retractable handles have ergonomic designs and are available in several types of plastic, aluminum, steel and stainless steel. We offer versions with fold down and retractable options, locking handles and securing pins. Revolving ball knobs and mushroom-shaped knobs are included in the selection.
When fixed operating elements are needed, choose from our broad array of ball knobs, T-handles, and T-bar knobs, in several types of plastic, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. We also offer push-pull knobs, tapered knobs, and knobs with knurling for a sure grip.

Special modifications available:

  • tapped holes
  • cross holes
  • set screw holes
  • threaded studs
  • hub lengths

Revolving and operating handles are also referred to as:

industrial knobs, machine handles, instrument knobs, retracting handles, retracting grips, folding grips, revolving grips, ball grips, mushroom shaped grips, tapered grips, tapped grips, grip handles, t-bar grips, t-grips, soft grip knobs and soft grip handles
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