Reliably open and close doors and covers with hinges

Hinges are typically used for mounting doors and covers to swing open or closed. These standard parts are widely used in mechanical engineering. Due to the wide range of different designs, there are practically no limits on the possible applications.

Hinges for every application

  • Depending on the application, hinges are available with a variety of properties such as material, load capacity and fastening method as well as special properties such as mobility, kinematics and additional functions and features.
  • Stainless steel hinge
  • Stainless steel hinges impress with their corrosion resistance. Typical applications are found in the food industry and process technology as well as outdoor and, in particular, offshore applications.
  • Heavy duty hinge
  • Heavy duty hinges, also known as long life hinges, are used for mounting solid doors, frames, gates or flaps such that they can swing open and closed. The hinge pins are integral and allow the hinges to be used in environments with strong vibrations and shocks.
  • Weldable hinge
  • Weldable hinges are fastened by welding. They are ideal for robust applications, heavy vibrations and areas that must be protected from vandalism
  • Multi-joint hinge
  • Multi-joint hinges, also called scissors or inside hinges, are hidden and not visible from the outside. Thanks to their design, multi-joint hinges allow flaps, hatches or doors to be mounted with a 180° opening angle for optimally accessibility.

Functional hinges

Winco offers a wide selection of hinges featuring extended functions. As standard parts, these hinge versions offer functions such as the following:
  • Latching in various positions
  • Adjustable friction
  • Spring-loaded return
  • Locking at any angle
  • Triggering electrical switch states
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