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JW Winco is leading in the development, production and distribution of standard parts for the entire industry. The comprehensive range of products sets standards across all branches and provides our customers with a one-stop shopping experience. Quality, service and availability are therefore guaranteed, no matter the location.

Indexing Plungers GN 817.7

Indexing plungers GN 817.7 with pneumatic operation can be easily and securely integrated into automated processes and can be positioned at locations where hand operation of the indexing plunger is not possible. Thanks to the material used, the indexing plungers are also suitable for more aggressive environments.

Pneumatic Fastening Clamps

Pneumatic clamps allow automation of the manual clamping action of standard toggle clamps, opening up new applications. They are actuated by compressed air and can be used to securely clamp parts remotely by the push of a button. If the pressure fails, the pneumatic clamp remains closed.

Quick Release Couplings GN 1050

GN 1050 quick release couplings, position and connect components without tools using inserts GN 1050.1 for a tight and repeatable fit.
Flanges GN 1050.2 are available as an accessory for the assembly of couplings and studs, and provide additional attachment options.

Clamping Knobs with Indexing Plunger

GN 7336.7 clamping knobs with indexing plunger are used for positioning, securing and clamping adjusting elements simultaneously.

Clamping Knobs with Indexing Plunger

GN 7336.8 clamping knobs with indexing plunger are used for positioning, securing and clamping adjusting elements simultaneously.

Stop Bolts

GN 251.2 stop bolts are supplied with a hardened spherical head that serves as an end stop. The two hexagon nuts allow exact positioning with counter-locking. When the workpiece contacts the bolt head, the built-in limit switch transmits an electrical control signal.

Clamping Levers with Eccentrical Cam

GN 927 clamping levers with eccentrical cam are used for rapid clamping and releasing operations. In contrast to a clamping operation utilizing only threads and a lateral force, these levers permit torque-free clamping via a combined downward vertical and cam actuated motion.

Edge Protection Profiles

Edge protections and edge protection seal profiles cover the sharp edges of panels and sheet metal to prevent damage. Hatches, flaps, and doors can be sealed with edge protection that have a seal profile.


Standard Parts in Hygienic Design Leveling feet GN 20

Click here for further information to GN 20 leveling feet.

Torque Limiting Knurled Knobs GN 3663

GN 928 Shaft Clamping Units / GN 928.1 Assembly Tools

With GN 928 shaft clamping units, round workpieces from 6 to 125 mm can be rapidly, accurately and economically clamped.

Telescopic Slides

Telescopic slides are used in production facilities and industrial machines as simple, economical sliding shelves with a variety of possible fittings. They include partial, full, and overextension slides.

Spring Plungers

Spring plungers use pressure pins or spring-loaded balls to index, clamp, or lock components in place. The spring-loaded devices use a friction lock in V-blocks and centering holes to position components.

GN 7237 Stainless Steel-Multiple-joint Hinge

Overview video and application example of the GN 7237 Multiple-Joint Hinges

Ball Lock Pins #lockingpins

Ball lock pins provide a quick, easy way to connect, secure, and affix various components that have a hole. The axial lock can be released by pressing a release button.

Leveling elements GN 355

Application positioning elements GN 200, GN 215, GN 700

Overview of JW Winco

J.W. Winco, Inc. is profiled on this video that aired on the Fox News Business Channel show "Manufacturing Marvels" on April 9, 2013. The two-minute video explores the company's product line of inch and metric standard parts for industry, as well as its services, facilities, and website.

How to Download 2D & 3D CAD Files

This tutorial will show you how to download quickly and easily CAD files from our website for free.

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