Clamping Knobs, Star Knobs, Wing Nuts & Screws, Thumb Screw

Clamping knobs are basic components that function by providing a strong grip or secure control through the use of elements such as texturing, knurling, lobes, or wings. Our selection of industrial knobs for clamping provides every possible option to suit any application.
We have textured nylon knobs, knobs with three to nine lobes (including four-pronged star knobs), triangular knobs, wing nuts and wing screws, and many styles of knurled knobs. Mounting options include threaded stud, tapped, tapped insert, tapped through hole, blind bore, and through bore. Materials include nylon plastic, phenolic plastic, polypropylene, technopolymer plastic, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. A broad range of sizes and configurations emphasize such aspects as ergonomic grip, quick release, sanitary applications, and more.

Special modifications available:

  • plain or tapped bores
  • square broached holes
  • keyways
  • cross holes
  • set screw holes
  • threaded studs
  • stud configurations
  • colors
  • kitting, packaging, and labeling
  • assembly

Clamping knobs are also referred to as:

industrial knobs, hand knob, clamping handles, clamp knobs, ergo knobs, antimicrobial knobs, metal knobs, plastic knobs, lobed knobs, star knobs, tri-lobed knobs, soft touch knobs, pronged knobs, triangular knobs, wing knobs, wing screws, wing nuts, nylon wing nuts, phenolic knobs, plastic wing nuts, plastic wing screws, threaded stud knobs, tapped insert knobs, rim knobs, knurled knobs, T-knobs, T-clamping knobs, Ergostyle wing nuts, single wing nuts, knurled nuts, flat knurled nuts, hollow knurled nuts, grip knobs, fluted knobs, softline knobs, Shear-Loc thumb screws, thumb screws, Shear-Loc assortments, Shear-Loc kits, aluminum knobs, cast iron knobs, polypropylene knobs, and Metal Knobs
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